Washington, DC, Would Like to Remind You It’s a ‘No Drone Zone’ – Newsweek

Newsweek Washington, DC, Would Like to Remind You It’s a ‘No Drone Zone’ Newsweek On this annual American holiday celebrating freedom in all its forms, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released a statement reminding hill-toppers, aviation…

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This had to happen and expect to see it repeated in cities all over the world, especially around airports and helipads and high volume vehicular traffic areas. It’s simply too dangerous.

I think the biggest problem is that anyone can buy or build these aircraft currently whether its a $100 toy that has a camera on it or can carry a can of beer, or something larger, how do you define what is OK and what isn’t. Expect very small ‘toys’ to be able to carry reasonably large payloads.

The challenge now is for those organizations or businesses that do want to use them, such as real estate and event photography, DOT’s and emergency services, agricultural research businesses, mapping companies and many more. Perhaps the proposed permitting and licensing of operators will come into play, but it will be a difficult subject because of the innate dangers of large numbers of devices intruding on airspace and at risk of crashing into each other, or simply falling out of the sky, let alone any nefarious use.

How do you feel about drones. I live under a frequent flight-path of helicopters and I can tell you that is very annoying. I’d hate to be having a relax on the beach disturbed by drones delivering pizzas, or simply lots of kids toys buzzing around. As a frequent flyer and traveler. the greater risk is that a drone gets sucked into an aircraft jet, or falls out of the sky onto a busy freeway.

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