Minister to promote NZ as ITS test-bed – Voxy

Transport Minister Simon Bridges will promote New Zealand as a test bed for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and new investments through a range of meetings in the USA and Japan this week.

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This is great news. New Zealand used to be a centre of Excellence for many companies including telecommunications giants. We are mass early adopters of new technology. We love problem solving and we sure have enough to solve. In a world of increasing micro specialists, you still need people that can see and comprehend the big picture.That isn’t as common as you might think.

ITS is an example of how important that is. Last year I attended an ITS conference and was very impressed with presentations of the comprehensive micro research into tiny aspects of transport technology problems and immediately understood how they applied. I was amazed at how much time and effort went into tiny elements of a problem, yet wondered if so much time went on micro detail, how would they have time to solve the larger problems. I’m totally sold on ITS itself. I read a law in a Scientific American Magazine on a flight home from a conference in London about 30 years ago quoting a law that you can’t build motorways quickly enough to meet the demand, they open, they fill and cities grow. Unfortunately you still have to build them. The return on investment on managing problems with technology is however significantly higher than the return on building the necessary pavement.

We have many smart companies, a lot of whom you would never have heard of, doing amazing things with location based data, especially in areas like fleet management, who are now racing to other parts of the world because while New Zealand is a great country to develop concepts, it is a relatively small market for those companies to grow and prosper in. So names like Blackhawk, Navman, eRoad, International Telematics use the Kiwi smarts and then introduce the technologies to other parts of the world. They often solve problems that they weren’t designed to solve because the Kiwi’s were able to quickly adapt the concepts of the problem and the solution together. I’ve been fortunate to be involved in a number of those as Past President of the New Zealand Wireless Forum, member of the Auckland ICT Cluster and in the ITS industry, the company that developed the highly accurate map data-set that is required for quality ITS solutions.

We have a small population where a large mass live in one sprawling city which is growing at a rapid pace, impacting on urban congestion. Then we have a large land-base with a small population, with significant climate impacts, such as snow and ice in winter and many areas which are subject to flooding and slips.You’re likely to find every form of condition here.

We love innovation and the story used to be, if you want a society to test something new, take it to New Zealand. They will pick it up, understand it and adopt it very quickly if it is a good idea.If it fails, no one will even know you tried.

EFTPOS was a great success example. As any busker or street collector will tell you, not many people carry cash in New Zealand any more. When EFTPOS was launched, our banks and grocers collaborated and we had and maintained the highest use per capita in the world for many years.

Not only did we get it, but we very quickly learned how to solve the issues of trust between consumers and business and between technology companies, banks and business.

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