33 Short Stories About Finding Help Using Your Mobile Smartphone and GPS

This week, a woman was rescued after her car crashed and was perched perilously 50 yards down a cliff when she activated Find my iPhone on her mobile phone in New Zealand. Rescuers were searching for her 25km away from her actual location, not knowing she had taken a wrong turn on her way home. When they got the signal with her coordinates, they found her very quickly.

I have written countless blogs about using location to find people and property using GPS and its not very often that these stories happen so close to home. I’m hoping that stories like these will encourage people to work out how to find an app they can use to share this information.

FInd My iPhoneI have many location based apps. If you have an Apple device, Find My iPhone is free and has some extra bonuses, because if your device is misplaced, lost or stolen, you can use the app to location your device, you can set off an alarm and you can also disable it so that it is rendered useless to any lowlife who is planning on selling it.

My wife and I checked on her Android and the easiest solution was the Google Maps App. I got a text message saying “My location @ 10.56AM, 18/7 followed by a street address and a link to view that location on a Google Map. With location services on it will show your location on the map reasonably accurately (it does say she is at our neighbors house and she isn’t, but it’s only about 5 meters away from where we are sitting. The options included share my location and came up with half a dozen different apps on her phone that she could use including messaging, Viber and email.

If you want some more examples and stories about using GPS to track people and things, I have loads of them. Here’s a link for 33 quick stories. I’m sure one or two will resonate. You just never know when you might need help from someone and have a problem telling them exactly where you are, or you might need to find someone who is ill, disoriented or in some other way incapacitated.

If you want more of these, I suggest you subscribe to my blog. This is an area that is changing rapidly, with new apps technologies. If you find any I have missed, please feel free to share them.

About Luigi Cappel

Writer for hire, marketing consultant specialising in Location Based Services. Futurist and Public Speaker Auckland, New Zealand
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