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Unlike other GPS tags on the market, the TrackerPad stickers are lightweight, flexible, waterproof and stick to any object.

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When it looks to good to be true it usually is. I have to take this story at face value because while I haven’t seen the technology, it rings true. It appears to answer the questions I had, such as is this really an RFID Chip dressed up as GPS?

But reading the story, it sounds as though it is for real. The backers sure agree. A device the size of a small coin that contains a miniature GPS, a SIM card and a battery that  lasts up to 7 days is amazing.

The irony will be that by that the telemetry account annual fee from your favorite mobile operator could be 3 or 4 times the cost of the device.No wonder telcos are excited about the IoT!

The good thing is that it sounds like it will be down to a price that you will consider good value. The catch is that you will have to remember to remove each sticker once a week to charge it. If you forget, you will need to remember where you left it. If you are using it for your valuables, don’t forget that you would never want your app to be accessible by strangers, or they will be able to find your valuables too.

I come back to one of those concerns about where and when you should use these. For example if you are on a plane to Paris and you are worried your luggage might be going to Miami, that’s not a good time to be pinging your luggage to see if your luggage is on board the plane, you might find you are dropping in to see Mum and Dad s they head off home after seeing you off because your communications interfered with the fly by wire on the plane. Imagine if 100 passengers decided to do the same thing!

This is a great example of the emerging state of the Internet of Things (IoT). The price is ridiculously cheap. Invest 45 pounds in this Kickstarter solution which looks like it will easily be fully subscribed and you will get a system with 5 tracker pads! Technology I have seen in the past wouldn’t buy you one pad for that price!

If the rain don’t fall and the creek don’t rise, this is going to be a very exciting couple of years as the Internet of Things moves into the slope of enlightenment.

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