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Google car causes injury for the first time

Google reveals a self-driving car prototype has been involved in an injury accident for the first time… Sourced through from: There are two reasons why this story gets a mention. First because Google is so busy saying they … Continue reading

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Google intros Eddystone, its new open format for Bluetooth beacons – Empire State Tribune

If you’re not reaching, engaging, and monetizing customers on mobile, you’re likely losing them to someone else. Sourced through from: It’s really interesting that everyone is coming back to beacons, because it is pushing us into a physical … Continue reading

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Another Study Agrees: Autonomous Cars Will Annihilate City Budgets and Send … – The Car Connection

Look at Google’s adorable autonomous car up there. Isn’t it cute? It looks as harmless as a wireless mouse or a koala wearing a fez. Precious. Sourced through from: Autonomous cars are flavor of the day and may … Continue reading

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GPS turns 20 years old this week –

Today GPS is enabling us to have discussions about driverless and autonomous cars, about drones and prepare for technologies we haven’t even thought of. It is creating new jobs and products that don’t even have names yet, but could be commonplace in 2-5 years. Continue reading

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US government gets in gear by ‘investing’ in connected cars | TU Automotive

PAYD (Pay As You Drive) with rewards for good driving behaviors would be a great start. These could include discounts on registration, reduced insurance premiums as well as bragging rights through gamification. Continue reading

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6 questions for Carnegie Mellon autonomous car prof Rajkumar – Washington Times

This Back in 1984, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University developed a self-driving car called the “Terregator” that used video cameras, sonar and laser to travel a few centimeters per second. Sourced through from: Countries who’s liability laws are … Continue reading

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Too many people are getting hit by trains, so Google will now add railroad crossings to its Gmap app – Electronic Products

So Google, TomTom, Apple, MapQuest, Garmin, you probably already have the crossings in your map data-sets as layers. How about treating them the same as safety cameras. After all isn’t staying alive a higher priority than a speeding ticket? Continue reading

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Autonomous Cars Will Need Ethics, Morals and NASCAR Mode | Road Ahead – Ward’s Auto (blog)

It is easy to make autonomous vehicles drive in a more virtuous manner than humans, but this could make them vulnerable as they mix with conventional cars and drivers on the road. Sourced through from: So on Thursday … Continue reading

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How Uber’s Autonomous Cars Will Destroy 10 Million Jobs And Reshape The Economy by 2025

I would love to hear from people who drive taxis, pest control, cleaning or other tasks to get by, but are qualified for other professions. If that’s you, what would you rather be doing for a living. Please leave a comment. Continue reading

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Autonomous Cars With Artificial Intelligence Could Help Save Planet Earth – Times Gazette

Let’s just not let statistics get the better of us. 93.5% of statistics are used out of context and the other 53.6% are made up. Continue reading

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