Calgary school buses to implement GPS tracking – Calgary Herald

Calgary parents whose children will be taking the bus to school this coming year will have a new way of knowing when their children get on or off as well as whether the bus is on time.

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My first reaction was so what, all buses should have GPS. But how many parents are there that drive their kids t school because they are anxious about where their kids are and if they are safe.

Knowing where your kids are and that they are safe is a priority for parents and one of the reasons so many drive their kids to and from school. Even knowing that they did or didn’t get on the school bus.

Much of this technology is already available, i.e, the bus company knows where the bus is, although a lot of it is not real time and more about managing bus inventory.

Could the evolution of this technology, (particularly the security risks of this information being only available to the ;parents or caregivers of each individual child, go a long way towards reducing school time traffic congestion?

Do you drive your kids to school? If yes, why?

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