Police: GPS tracking is intriguing – Leader-Telegram

Chippewa Valley law enforcement officers said using GPS trackers to track fleeing vehicles is a good idea, but that doesn’t mean they’re ready to make use of that technology.

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How often do we hear that a Police pursuit either has to be abandoned because it is too dangerous and represents to much risk to other road users. I’m sure a lot of criminals take that as an opportunity to escape, especially if they are in  a stolen vehicle or one which has stolen plates.

Many pursuits end up in crashes, often because the driver loses control frequently after the pursuit has been called off for public safety reasons, potentially further risking public safety by leaving the alleged offender at large. The quicker Police are able to locate that vehicle the better.

This technology sounds like science fiction and how well it works if fired James Bond style from the front of a vehicle will depend on the sophistication of the technology. Is it guided somehow? Will it work if vehicles are turning and it doesn’t have a flat surface to adhere to? What sort of a surface angle will it stick to?

In terms of cost? If it saves lives, what sort of wastage ratio is acceptable in proportion to the number of lives or serious injuries?

Kudos to Chippewa Valley law enforcement. This is a good example of a technology which will obviously mature and become commonplace. It will save lives, incident management costs and reduce massive amounts of time cost. It has to start somewhere. I hope they proceed with a trial.

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