Hacker drone is armed for aerial assault – RT

Hackers may have a new weapon in their arsenal: a drone loaded with software capable of probing any wireless network in range, and relaying the data to its operator. The drone is available to anyone willing to afford the $2,500 price tag.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.rt.com

DEFCON is over for another year and will have instilled fear in a number of industries two of which are of particular interest to people with an interest in location based services.

I have blogged many times about autonomous cars over the last few weeks https://solomoconsulting.wordpress.com/?s=autonomous+cars while the hackers have been ‘driving’ cars, including those that are not supposed to be able to function driverless like the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

These are just sophisticated cars with a CAN Bus and lots of on board computers. Why is this a good thing? Because it forces manufacturers, standards organizations and Governments to consider the risks and mitigate them before driverless vehicles are launched on an unsuspecting market. We should be safer as a result when these cars come out.

The other industry that is going sky high is drones. They are everywhere, they are literally falling out of the sky. My neighbor had one crash into his back yard.

We know all about military drones, we have seen consumer drones on TV firing weapons and we have seen many near misses with commercial aircraft in recent weeks. You can’t go far without seeing one for sale. Probably in your latest junk mail.

The story above is something that should make everyone stop and think about the technology they buy for their business and their home. I have long wanted a WiFi system (and had spoken to the manufacturers) which would allow me to see who has rung my doorbell at home, identify them through an indoor WiFi video camera via my Smartphone and then using the same Smartphone, turn on the house lights and unlock the deadbolt on my front door to let them in because I have been held up at work.

Science Fiction? No. You can buy these Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets at your favorite consumer electronics store or online today, same with the drones.

Can they be hacked? Of course they can? How good is your home security system now? How predictable are your pin codes? You answer that one.

So now for $2,500 you can own a drone that can fly around your neighborhood, collecting WiFi router information, information about any devices connected to it, like your computer network, your TV, your smartphones, your computers, your light controls, your house alarm, you finish the list. It will also tell you the GPS coordinates of the house or building you are looking at and anyone can then with the help of free web sites like Google’s Satellite View, look at the property and plan whatever nefarious activities they have in mind.

Events like DEFCON are great and smart vendors selling cool IoT consumer electronics, home automation and alarm systems will be asking, “would you like security with that?” If you say no, it will be at your peril.

Insurance companies will soon be asking some interesting questions, like “So you have a dead bolt, there are no signs of breaking and entering and yet your house has been cleaned out. How is this possible?” What did you do to protect your property and reduce our risk?

Is drone use like this legal? Of course not. What can you do about it? Interesting question. I wonder if it would be legal to shoot down a drone 10 meters above your property. I guess we’ll find out because that is bound to happen, perhaps not in my side of the world, but in the USA, I’d be surprised if it doesn’t happen very soon.

Is it illegal to sell these $2,500 drones? Probably not. It’s not what it can do that’s illegal, it’s how it’s used. I could think of many legitimate uses.

Before I start investing in anything more than WiFi controlled lighting, I’m going to be talking to a security specialist.

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