Connecticut adds GPS tracking to 500 public transit buses – StateScoop

Gov. Dannel Malloy is launching a new plan to bring real-time GPS tracking to hundreds of public buses.

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Once again I started asking myself why they have waited till now, but this is just a next step. We have been waiting for these initiatives for so long. The concept of having total confidence that the next bus will be at the stop at a certain time. I think a key is to under promise and over deliver given that you can’t guarantee a bus will be there at exactly a certain time unless it is truly dynamic.

It is not a failure when a bus stops longer than expected because it had to pick up a large group of passengers at the last stop, it doesn’t just drive to pick you up. But if the time changes dynamically that’s fine.

The complaint I hear with some of these systems today is that I got there on time, I timed it to perfection but the bus went through 2 minutes earlier and then I had to wait 15 minutes for the next one.

Some years ago the winning entry into the Location Innovation Awards in Auckland included a walk indicator which told you that at your current pace you had to walk a little faster or you could take your time. That to me is an innovation I would still like to see. Some bus apps route you to your nearest stop, but wouldn’t it be great to know you and the bus are reaching synchronicity?

So it’s one thing having the app, the next is the hook that keeps people using it, because that helps everyone. What about closing the loop so that the bus driver is told that someone is using the app and is at the stop. Then they are forewarned that a passenger is wanting to be picked up and we will stop having those complaints (I experienced it myself a few weeks ago) where the bus didn’t stop and drove right past me.

Got a moment before the bus arrives? How about leaving me a comment and telling me what features you would like on a bus app?

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