About 100 DOT workers now testing digital driver’s licenses – KCRG

AMES — Someday, workers at an Iowa driver’s license station may ask, “Do you want a regular license, or an app for your smartphone?” That “someday” could actually be only a short time away.

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Your mobile phone is the one ubiquitous device you carry. It accompanies people everywhere from the bathroom to the car, to the beach, to the office, to school. If you have a device that uses your fingerprint, iris or other biotechnology to authenticate you, then it can potentially be a lot safer than credit cards.

This means that a lot of things we currently do via pieces of plastic with chips attached can become a thing of the past.

As the story suggests, one of the things you don’t want to do is give your phone to someone else and this developer has come up with a solution, where you can transmit a piece of information, like your holographic drivers license image and details to the Police reader, also a mobile phone app.

This would eventually reduce transaction costs and make personal identification much easier.

This would seem to me to be one of those technologies that is inevitable, however given the issues of developing international standards like passports, this could be a long time in the making. There is no point in having a drivers license app that is only usable in one state or even one country, however it is these little steps that generate major evolution.

I have been studying up on ways to generate change and have often been a decade ahead of myself in predictions and one of the challenges with that is the task of getting from here to the future state takes a lot of time. The concept I am looking at is how to define a possible future state and then working out the steps to achieve that.

This is a classic example.

Yesterday was a poignant day for me, a family funeral from cancer which also happened to be daffodil day, but I had no cash to buy a daffodil to wear on my suit. Fortunately they had a daffodil day stand at my local bank and I was able to take out cash in order to make a donation. This is the first time I have had cash in my pocket in months. It just isn’t relevant to me any more except for the odd occasion. Already some charity collectors are able to accept payment by credit or debit cards.

I have loyalty cards and membership cards for Africa. When I stopped using cash, I also stopped carrying a wallet or billfold. That means I also stopped carrying most of my loyalty cards. You will have noticed that most of them now offer apps.

Many people I know have mobile phones that not only carry credit cards, but are also shielded so that people with chip scanners can’t activate the RFID chip. So if you only need to carry a few cards, that’s sufficient for security.

Whether it’s a drivers license or a Subway card, it is only a matter of time before they are phased out and become another thing that we consign to history of the ways that we used to do things. For those who don’t want to use a phone, there is still RFID technology, little tags that could be carried on a key-ring. That would remove the excuse of my phone is broken. I have an airline loyalty tag on my phone case, but I never actually used it because my phone app gives me so much more info and value.

So would I use this drivers license app? In a heartbeat.

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