Department of Transportation to NYC drivers: Let us spy on you for road study – New York Daily News

The city DOT wants New Yorkers to voluntarily hand over data generated by the way they drive, in an effort to solve traffic problems.

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The headline sounds sinister but I was thinking the same thing. Vodafone demonstrated their pilot ODB2 solution with sample apps in New Zealand 3 years ago and I haven’t heard anything since. The devices were going to cost around US$50 plus software and comms, and were being developed jointly out of Vodafone labs in Germany and Japan.

At this cost it becomes a very economic solution not only to learn more about how people are driving, but to feed back to them whether they are green drivers and how they can reduce their risk and cost.

I would like to see this technology introduced to masses of cars, funded or subsidized by the insurance industry and motoring associations as well as breakdown services. It has so much potential for so little cost.

A free SDK and perhaps a hack event would turn this into something really useful. This would be particularly valuable for countries like New Zealand where we buy a lot of used Japanese imports that were never meant to be driven outside of Japan.This means that the benefits of ITS in new cars won’t be felt here for many years.

Although we have just had the highest month of new car sales in New Zealand, most of that probably represents Government and corporates going into a new financial year.

Hands up if you are a citizen and will be buying a new car in the next 5 years.

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