Police Use GPS Tracking Devices to Catch Pair Charged With Robbing Credit … – The Chattanoogan

Police Use GPS Tracking Devices to Catch Pair Charged With Robbing Credit …
The Chattanoogan
The GPS tracking device from the banded $20 bills was the only item in the backpack.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: news.google.com

#ILoveTheseGPSStories I was going to say I should have a hashtag to say that. Now I do:)

Just about anything of value today can be tracked if attached to a GPS device and frequently the people who get caught are recidivists.  The resulting searches often reveal evidence of other crimes. It is so much safer for everyone than dangerous car chases and adrenaline pumped pursuits.Ever been told by the Police that it is unlikely that your family valuables will be returned to you.

The main concern with portable GPS tracking devices today is wired charging. If you want to put a GPS tracker into an item of value, be it a work of art, an expensive musical instrument, your 65″ top of the line TV, you need to keep it charged. Here’s a left field thought for TV manufacturers, how about building a GPS tracker into the device. Of course stolen high dollar value items is good for the manufacturers’ business, it generates additional easy money sales, but that’s another story.

If you have to take the GPS tracker out, find somewhere to plug it in, competing with your mobile phones and tablets, your smartwatch, your Bluetooth beanie (yes I have two of those), your FM transmitter and Bluetooth speakers, you have a challenge finding sufficient charging points..

It’s about time that those wireless charging mats come out and of course the devices then need to be able to receive the inductive charge. Manufacturers must be looking for the next big thing for Christmas for those people who already have a Nespresso coffee machines and a Fitbit.

OK I digressed here. First step, if you have items of intrinsic or high monetary value and have thieves in your neighborhood, look into GPS tracking devices. They are easy enough to find on the Internet and I dare suggest that if you told your insurance company you were using them, you might find yourself getting a discount on your contents policy premium.

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