Parents, officials, call for GPS devices on every city school bus –

Officials are calling for legislation that would require every yellow school bus be equipped with a GPS tracking device.

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Surely it is a no-brainer to have GPS tracking on every school bus! These stories repeat themselves all over America and other countries so often. Parents should be able to have security that their children are safe and sound, especially those who are too young to have their own mobile.

I do feel for drivers as well. They have a lot of responsibility, especially with children. Buses break down, incidents happen on board, drivers get lost, they crash, are full of distractions and if anything could go wrong, at some stage it will.

I do have a few concerns about who can access the information. In an ideal world parents would be able to have an app that would let them know where the bus transporting their child is. However with custody issues, bullying and other problems, it would probably be better for the bus companies and perhaps the schools to have access to the information.

GPS tracking requires only a very small investment, not like the thousands of dollars it used to cost. It also contributes to driver safety, skills training, route management and performance.

Why is this not universally adopted? We should not have stories like this any more, but we have them weekly. I support the call for legislation.

School buses carry very precious cargo.

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