Google Maps, Waze to Change Routes During Papal Visit – NBC 10 Philadelphia

How do I get around the papal road closure gauntlet?

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I haven’t heard of this Unusual Traffic feature before and hope it will get picked up by other brands of car navigation as well. I’m not likely to be anywhere near the Pope’s visit this week, but there are frequently major events that force closures of large parts of urban roading networks.

I’ve personally been caught out by a number of large road motor racing events in New Zealand and Australia. Large segments of urban and rural roads were closed in a couple of cases, for weeks prior to the events, whilst the circuits, stands, pits and concessions were installed and during testing. Not only were roads closed, but there were also contraflows (where a one-way segment of highway or motorway allows travel in both directions) one-way streets went in the opposite direction and man cases road segments were simply closed.

My TomTom car navigation device had a lot of the closures, but wasn’t able to deal with the Temporary Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) used to deal with the traffic conditions.

Events like these are becoming more and more common place with marathons, multi-sport events, parades, street motor racing, protest marches, VIP visits and lots more.

Organizers advertise in newspapers, do letter drops and use all sorts of tools to let people know what is happening. The problem is that, according to our customer research, around 40% of people don’t pay attention to any travel information prior to getting into their cars.Plus with complex events, they wouldn’t really be able to fathom the information anyway, there is so much of it. When it comes to visitors to a strange town, it’s even worse, as I discovered on a tour to Surfer’s Paradise a few years ago.

So it’s great to know that Google is bringing out a new feature to help deal with these problems and I look forward to learning more about it. Will it just be something for the USA, or will they make it a global feature. How will they gather the information and make sure it is current?

I haven’t seen such a feature from any other GPS car navigation provider.  I think they are onto something good here.

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