RailYatri.in brings GPS based train tracking on Google Maps | Google Adsense Referral News

RailYatri.in, a technology start-up focused on train travellers, has launched its GPS train tracking platform, ‘RailRadar GPS’, to track and…

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Now we’re talking! Imagine if on the Google Maps platform you could see public transport vehicles in real time. Trains, buses, boats and planes would be a great start, and of course Uber now provides the ability to see where an available driver is, while Domino Pizza tells you where dinner is, right there on the map, on your app.

On top of that, many fleet management companies are using Google Maps to locate their own vehicles, they just don’t share that info with anyone, although I suspect there are versions of software available today where the freight industry allows their own customers to view their delivery vehicles on a map, it’s just not available to the public.

With today’s web mapping technology, all of this is possible, it’s just big data, it sits in the cloud and it just needs the power of massive servers to delve into the data, analyze it, consolidate it and offer it as presentation layers suited to the needs and devices the customer wants to use.

I have just read a 240 page report on what customers want and how they want to receive it. Most age groups in urban areas are now saying they want to be able to see travel and transport information on a Smartphone. Most also expressed the importance of real time and accuracy.

One of these days, the ability to see how fast you have to walk in order to arrive at your bus stop on time to catch the bus and if you still have time to pick up a newspaper over the road, (although I doubt many would bother today) will be realized as it was visualized by the winner of the 2008 GeoSmart Location Innovation Awards. I had better get a wriggle on, it’s almost here.

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