Apple Maps adds its 3D flyover view to new cities, towns, and castles – The Verge

While Google Maps might have the edge on its mapping rivals in terms of features, Apple’s own Maps app has one thing Google’s doesn’t — its 3D Flyover mode. The viewing option overlays detailed…

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I was surprised to read that despite not having Streetview, Apple Maps has 3.5 times the number of users that Google Maps has. Especially given the difficult start they had with the update to TomTom, (which was nothing to do with the quality of TomTom data.

I rushed to my 5S to try out the new flyover feature, but couldn’t find it. I quickly realized that I am still running OS 8.4, so perhaps while I am feeling sorry with myself for being sick with a virus, this might be a good time to update my mobile, something I don’t find time for during my hectic working day.

My next thought was, great they have this flyover feature for Japan, France etc, I guess New Zealand will be way down the track. I was wondering which town to try first. Then I clicked on the link and there was my hometown, Auckland.

I’m not sure this is something I need as such, but still a cool feature:) Is there anything you would find it useful for?

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