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AAP’s latest road show: Only one car to a family in Delhi |

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It’s kind of interesting reading a story like this from one of the countries that led the concept of mindfulness. I totally agree with the intent, but the fact is that most people are selfish and not focused on the greater good, even in India.

This is a global problem and ultimately it is people who have to solve it. We can legislate with tolling and make it uncomfortable for people to use their cars, but wouldn’t it be great if people actually considered others and came up with practical solutions, whether that be car pooling, working some days from home, using flexi time and using public transport.

Delhi is obviously one of the worst places, but in other cities like Auckland, even things like merging like a zip at the same speed as the traffic already on a motorway, not slowing down and rubbernecking when there is an accident going in the other direction, not slowing down to answer a phone call or send a text message. There are so many factors that cause congestion which, when you really think about it are about inconsiderate driving.

A large part of the problems we have are because no one thinks about the big picture, i.e. everyone else.

Certainly asking people to limit themselves to one car per family is hopeless. Nice idea, but there needs to be a carrot and a stick. I wonder if there is some gamification that could be tried. Anyone have any ideas?

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