Eastbound rubberneckers cause delays; I-78 westbound crash cleared by 6:30 – lehighvalleylive.com

The initial accident happens about 4:30 a.m. east of Exit 24 in Hunterdon County. The crash was cleared by 6:30.

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This is a global problem. The accident is on one side of the road and the congestion is worst on the other side of the road, because of people wanting to have a look.

We had a classic situation on the North Western Motorway a couple of months ago. There was a 5 car pile up heading towards Auckland City, but traffic on that side of the road was still safely flowing with some assistance from the road safety crew. On the other side of the road the concertina affect was causing massive delays as wave after wave of vehicles slowed down to view the carnage, although there actually wasn’t much to see. People were going onto Twitter to complain to roading authorities about not spending enough money on highways. I repeat, the worst traffic congestion was on the side where there was no incident, no obstruction, no problem, just nosy people.

As an industry we really struggle with this, not only because the congestion has a significant cost to all involved including people’s quality of life, being home late for family time, work not being completed, missing out or being late to important events, or simply being stressed out and taking the stress with you. Sometimes it causes additional crashes as well due to inconsiderate behaviour and distracted driving, following too close, or not paying attention to what is going on. It’s also of course a great time to slow down, call your friends and family or perhaps send a txt message, take a couple of photos.

My question is how to we stop people from following their innate curiosity? We have discussed all sorts of things, for major incidents there are vision barriers, but of course people want to slow down even more to see if there is something really gory behind those.

People, we all need to take responsibility for our own behaviour. If it is a major, it will be on TV and you’ll be home in time for the news if you don’t slow down. If it isn’t a major, is it worth making yourself and everyone behind you late? 10 minutes of people slowing down to see what is going on can cause 20 minutes of other people to be forced to slow down. As this goes in waves, do you wonder why peak congestion is sometimes so bad?

Next time you pass an accident on the other side of the road where it is not safe or appropriate for you to stop and help out, keep moving at normal speed. Pass it on.

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