Car hacker sought by Canadian military –

The Canadian military is looking for a car hacker to hack into its vehicles to test how vulnerable they are to cyberattacks.

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It’s a little bit funny, but of course the best way to test the security of your systems is by paying a hacker to try to crack it. For my part I think this is an essential part of the process.

In this case it is about military vehicles and the last thing you would want would be for an enemy to be able to hack into your vehicle and potentially use it against you.

The new world of military vehicles is going to be about driverless vehicles ranging from robotic mine detectors to people movers to attack vehicles in the theater. I understand they already remotely control drones in various parts of the world, such as Afghanistan from inside buildings that look like shipping containers on mainland USA. I saw this in operation on a CNN program.Obviously the benefit is that the fewer people you need to send into the theater, the less lives are lost.

Hopefully the knowledge gained from this research will be shared with the civilian motor vehicle industry. We are placing a lot of faith in being able to travel in a vehicle, which in some cases like one of the Google prototypes, doesn’t even have a steering wheel as a back up.Imagine if someone wanted to remotely push the accelerators on full bore in all the cabs in Manhattan, or Volvo’s on the Autobahn in Germany!

The benefit of this sort of process is that a hacker would have a very different point of view to a security engineer. If I think about the brilliant engineers I have had the pleasure to work with in Japan in the past, they are extremely logical people and they would probably struggle to put their mindset into that of a criminal hacker. They would lack the sophistication of someone looking to wreak havoc.

This will offer a great career opportunity for someone that might otherwise end up in a life of crime. They could earn an excellent lifestyle, without risking jail-time.

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