TomTom Is Applying Its GPS Technology To Self-Driving Cars And Fitness Watches

From TechCrunch

TomTom are answering one of the questions I’ve been asking about for a long time. What if I don’t want to take my phone, but I still want the GPS and other features when I go out for exercise?. It seems we now have an answer on this device with 3GB of storage. In addition to tracking your run, you can carry 500 songs on the watch, that should be enough for the average iron man.

Back when I started using my Palm for tracking gym workouts I had the ability to track things like treadmill, weights etc. It seems TomTom is going to have this covered, although I’m yet to see what exactly that means. I want to know weights, reps, sets etc, my Palm app gave me graphs so I could see how and make sure I was progressing. I suspect that would still require an input device. It also includes a heart rate monitor without requiring other attachments.

A new acronym for most of us is HAD or Highly Automated Driving maps. This is something I have raised many times. You can’t have a driverless car unless you know exactly where the lanes are, barriers and much more.

Speaking of barriers, I wonder what happens with things like movable barriers as used on bridges, in tunnels and to support contraflows and other incident mitigations during events such as peak traffic operating plans, crashes or road maintenance? Even reading signs is a long way off being robust given ambient light and variable weather conditions.

There are still many questions in this space, but it is very clear that without high quality data that is constantly kept up to date and foolproof, we have problems. The data is managed by humans.

AirportMy daughter recently sent me a photo of a 3-lane highway that had a speed limit sign on the left side at 60kmph and 80 on the other side. She was more worried about getting a ticket, but even if the speed zone database was up to date, which would be a first, how do you deal with human error if you have no driver?

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