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RT @mbnews_: Volvo To Accept Full Liability If Their Autonomous Cars Crash.. Related Articles:

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Great news, of course we can totally trust car manufacturers, even more than insurance companies, who like car sales companies are really easy to do business with you are making a purchase.

When my daughter narrowly escaped the ravages of a Philippine typhoon and her resort was totally underwater, the supervisor I rang at the major NZ travel insurance company who were covering her trip  told me that they had a clause that said that, just because she was no longer enjoying her resort holiday (the water was above the roof of her room), there was no justification for a claim).

What is good about this though, is that they are recognizing that a massive leap of faith is required, for people to trust sitting in a car and having no control over it.

Technologies are being developed at a massive pace to try to compensate for poor quality map databases and to ensure that vehicles are in complete awareness of their surroundings.

But what about people? They will still run in front of cars. People ‘in control’ of cars will still take risks like talking on the phone, race each other and some will even try to confuse driverless vehicles, probing for weaknesses, ‘for fun’.

If all cars were autonomous and communicated with each other (currently as I understand it, Volvo communications systems only talk to other Volvo cars) that would reduce the risk dramatically. I think they could work quit well on sections of road that only have autonomous cars. My question is how well they can deal with irrational people. he average commuter or holiday maker for example. People who:

– Overtake on blind corners;

-Drive up the safety strip when the road is congested due to an incident;

-Drive under influence of alcohol, drugs or fatigue;

-Tailgate or otherwise use aggression against other motorists;

-Change lanes without indicating, or checking for cars in their blind spots;

-Chop and change lanes erratically;

-rubberneck when they see something interesting like a crash on the opposite side of the road;

-Ignore speed limits and recommendations;

The list can go on endlessly. People are irrational, and sometimes also very intuitive. At certain ages we are risk takers. This is very difficult logic for a computer system to deal with. I suspect a driverless car which turns around a blind corner and finds a land slip ahead might be able to manage the situation quite safely, but could it deal with the people behind who don’t have the same reaction times, or the people who are already sliding around the corner on the other side?

There are so many variables and whilst brands like Volvo have a great reputation for safety and reliability, and you may well be safer in an autonomous Volvo than some other brands under nicely controlled circumstances, there are a lot of questions I’d like to see answered before I took that promise on good faith. It is the right direction though and the technology is coming. It’s just around the corner.

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