Jailed by GPS: What it’s like for convicts who wear ankle bracelets – Anderson Independent Mail

Shon Clark sleeps with his GPS ankle monitor and showers with it. Once when it was too tight, it cut into his leg.

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I don’t think there is likely to be a lot of sympathy for people who find it difficult to sleep with the GPS ankle bracelets on. The alternative of going to jail, especially for a sex offender is probably a lot more unpleasant.

What I was pleased to read was the degree of monitoring, at least in this instance with Eagle Eye Monitoring in South Carolina, owned by Ben Sheriff, (I had to include his name:) Most of the stories about GPS anklets tend to be about people who remove them or ignore their restrictions and either commit more crimes or break their parole restrictions, where the alarm hasn’t been registered for a couple of days after the infringement.

Often we hear excuses of being short staffed or underfunded and then the technology gets blamed for the failure. These devices are getting pretty sophisticated. They have tamper alarms, they are  reliable, but it’s the monitoring that matters. If a department hasn’t got the financial or manpower resources to correctly monitor GPS anklets, then they should not be offered as an option.

The service I haven’t seen yet, although it must exist somewhere is a proximity alarm to a person. It’s easy enough to put up a geofence (think drawing a shape around an area the offender is not allowed to enter), but if they are not allowed near a specific person, such as their victim, it should be possible (with the victim’s agreement) to sync the GPS anklet with the GPS on the victim’s phone so that if they are within a certain proximity of each other, an alarm is triggered and both parties (and the monitoring agency) are alerted. Of course this could leave the victim either feeling safe, or feeling like their privacy is being invaded. It would be a good option for some people, both protecting the victim from having to face their attacker and reducing the risk for the parolee of an accidental meeting.

Expect to see a lot more of these in the future.

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