GPS Leads OHP To Stolen Missouri Truck In Tulsa – News On 6

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol arrested a Webb City, Missouri man after he ran from a stolen flatbed truck in Tulsa Sunday afternoon.

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Are you convinced yet? If you’re vehicle is more valuable to you than the insurance pay out if it fails to come back, then put GPS tracking in it.

Police must love opportunities like this. “Officer, my truck has been stolen, it is stationary at this location”. Vehicle retrieved, thief locked up and there will be some time before he re-offends and as usual there will be a heap of additional charges, firearms, resisting arrest, drug paraphernalia. It seems to me that he would have been better off staying at home and playing computer games.

Do you have a special car that you have restored, or a vehicle full of tools that you have spent a decade building up for your trade? Besides the paperwork, the excess insurance costs, the rental car while you wait to get your vehicle back, time of work, what more incentive do you need to put tracking into your vehicle.

If you already have a fleet management or vehicle tracking system for other purposes, this is a nice bonus. I wonder if these crooks can read. Maybe a sign on the window of the drivers door, telling them not to bother because the vehicle is tracked, just like security companies have for buildings they monitor might help.

I’m watching you. Open this door and the other side will open into a jail cell. Go right ahead.

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