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Google Maps has become an excellent on the go resource when commuting from point A to point B. Inevitably, things happen and you’re forced to stray from your route.

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That’s nice Google. On Wednesday I paid $1.89 a liter for petrol, last night I drove past my local Mobil on the way home, car sated with a full tank of gas and it was down to $1.76.

This statement sounds like an Onion story well timed for Back to the Future day.

The question that I want to know from Google is, when is it worth going out of my way to buy petrol at a cheaper price. Here’s an opportunity for Google to not only offer me something useful, but also to learn more about me.

If I told my Google app something about the type of car I drive, that would potentially have some value to them; it’s a 4 liter car that likes a drink of gas. How about a quid pro quo and Google tells me when it is worth traveling a little off my route in order to get a good deal? Google  should already know where I work and live.

I want to know, if  am driving to work is there a particular route where a lower than usual petrol price will make it worth while making a deviation or traveling a little farther? How much gas to I have to buy in order to cover the cost of the re-route vs my normal route and how much will I save if I do? My car tells me how many liters I still have so I can input that until Google can read my gauge.

I’m sure the public would be happy to share current prices on the maps app to crowd source the info, they already do it on Facebook and Twitter in the communities. The public might even share a little more into that massive database Google already has about us and how we live if there is value in return. I’m sure the oil companies would love to have those anonymous statistics.

This could even be a mutual benefit on traffic congestion. Gas stations that are not directly on the main commute thoroughfare could offer discounts. Google tells people where to find them and congestion reduces on those main routes as people detour to buy gas, that they wouldn’t have otherwise bought from those retailers, because they wouldn’t have been in the vicinity.

As to a Point of Interest database of where to find a gas station, I think we’ve already been there. In my book the definition of incredible is “so extraordinary as to seem impossible”. I think that’s a bit of an overstatement, don’t you?

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