If location-based marketing means focusing on the blue dot, you’re missing the … – VentureBeat

That useful little blue dot on your smartphone’s map is like a flame to a moth for location-based marketers.

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I agree with this direction in principle, however the power to me is in what you know about people and when it comes to selling goods and services, the more you know about someone the more powerful you can identify what needs or interests they have and target your marketing at someone who is open to buy.

Are they heading to or from work? Are they going to lunch? Do they have children? What demographic do they belong to? Do they own a house? Do they own a car, are they traveling for business or pleasure?

Have they clicked, responded or purchased based on location offers before?

If I bought a lawnmower from your DIY store and I am driving in the proximity of it on my way to work, don’t waste any energy on me. If it’s Saturday and you are overstocked on leaf blowers and I’m in in the neighborhood, offer me a deal.

If you know that I enjoy a little adrenaline, because of past purchases, or perhaps because I responded to some market research and you have a half empty jet boat going out in 20 minutes, it’s Saturday and I’m only 10 minutes walk away, send me an offer.

Location based businesses like Uber are going to have unbelievable opportunities to get to know customers, their friends and families, through cross marketing and how, when, where and with whom they travel if permission is offered.

As I said in my presentation to the Parking Industry conference a few years ago, you are not the destination. People need your services, they don’t want to go to your car-park. If you co-market with the owners of the destinations and others in the vicinity, you can start adding real value, such that people will be prepared to sacrifice privacy for personalized relevant offers. Add value.

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