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It’s an unfortunate reality in nearly every major city—road congestion, especially during rush hours. Jonas Eliasson reveals how subtly nudging just a small …

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I’ve been reading about plans in Kampala to introduce toll roads in order to reduce traffic congestion. The argument they use is the successful program in Stockholm which began in 2006.

I’m an idealist and I believe that people are smart enough to change their driving patterns given the right information.

I have to wonder sometimes because travel information teams all over the world invest time and resources into providing their customers with predictions as to what is likely to happen, for example on the recent Labour Day long weekend in New Zealand.

Intensive research identified the worst times to travel and this information was shared across every available form of media from broadcast, to social media to responsive websites and car navigation systems. The analytics aren’t out yet, but certainly on the first day of the holiday, in some areas, the traffic appeared to be even worse than predicted.

Personally I haven’t been convinced about road tolls, the consequence of a PPP toll freeway in NSW, Australia, where everyone simply took a different route, in fact a much slower one. Watching this video, I have to wonder whether they are in fact a smart tool, especially given that the amount of the toll was minimal .

As you will see on this short video, the cause and response were pretty much instantaneous. Put a very small road toll on and there was a 20% reduction in traffic density. Take it off (it was initially a pilot) and the next day the traffic is back. Reintroduce it and the following day it drops by 20% again.

70% of the polled public said they like the tax. None seem to be aware of having changed their behavior.

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