15 Mind-Blowing Statistics Reveal What Happens on the Internet in a Minute [Infographic]

Overwhelmed trying to keep up with the data tsunami? You aren’t alone.

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Do you ever find yourself apologizing or feeling like you have to defend the business time you spend focused on  social media?

There are people who still think Twitter is there for people who want to tell each other that they just had a coffee and Facebook to show people your coffee with the cute milky swirl silver fern or love heart so that people can ‘Like’ it. You know them, they are the ones around the ever shrinking magazine rack at the book store.

3.2 Billion people must know a little better wouldn’t you think? There is still a place for printed media. I enjoy reading a printed newspaper once a week or so, I really do. I enjoy  trade or special interest publications for business and leisure.

However, if I want to target a segment of people in a community, whether that is an interest or knowledge community or people who live in a particular town, work in a particular part of the city, are traveling to a particular concert or sporting match, or whatever level of demographic I want to target, I can’t go past social media.

The funny thing is the people who criticize social media as a business or communications tool sometimes make me feel I have to defend my marketing spend, when it is such a small fraction of what it costs to advertise in other media such as print or broadcast in terms of reach.

I have a particular type of marketing need, it is very time based, its half life is measured in minutes, not days or weeks. Social media works for that and I am hardly touching the surface of its capability. This Infographic makes really interesting reading. Have another look and remind yourself, this is only over a period of 1 minute! Do some testing and see what sort of comparative reach or CPC you can get. Starting with free which is pretty good value, right. OK you still have to pay someone to create and publish it, but I used to pay $2-4,000 for a full page ad in a magazine and I still had to pay staff or agents to create copy, source or create graphics, creative for the ad, proofing and more. Plus I couldn’t measure reach or engagement beyond the claims of the publisher.

Do you tell your stories or share information via social media? Do you have critics? How do you show them the value?

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