North Merrick Family Among First To Use GPS To Track Autistic Sons – CBS Local

A Long Island family is one of the first to use a new GPS device made for children with autism.

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A good news story for this family who now know where their autistic boys are when they decide to take off. It appears they have tried everything from bolting doors to employing behavioral psychologists. Now the parents can have some peace of mind that they know where there children are. They get text messages telling them when they are at school and when they have left the radius of a ‘safe zone’.

This must relieve a lot of stress for this family. This is only one condition where GPS tracking is of value and it is a lot more common than you might think. Just in our little country there are more than 40,000 people with this condition and this is just one problem facing their families. It is a problem however that with GPS tracking systems can be easily dealt with.

There are some products around, but most of them still appear to be radio frequency rather than GPS. RF requires that you know what direction they have gone in whereas the sort of solution I would be looking for today should include a SIM card and GPS that can tell you where they are, or their last location if they are indoors and can’t get a decent signal.

It amazes me that there isn’t national support for subsidies or help for companies to set up systems for tracking people with the many conditions that can leave them lost, confused, or worse. I wonder if there are statistics on the number of people who become the focus of SAR Search and Rescue teams and what it costs to locate people every year, including those who are wearing radio frequency tags.

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