NLRB Says Employer Can Use GPS Device to Track Employees – The National Law Review

Earlier this year, a woman sued her former employer for invasion of privacy and retaliation, claiming that she was fired after refusing to use a GPS tracking app that her employer required to be run

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I guess it’s a case of knowing what you are signing when you join a company, but then if you intend stealing time from your employer, then you are in fact committing a crime.

My policy as a manager has always been about honesty. If you want a stress day, or have to pick the kids up from school sometimes, let me know or request permission.

This type of theft is exactly the type of problem that has large employers afraid of allowing their staff to work from home. Are they truly working?

When one of my clients installed Fleet Management in their company vehicles, the first thing that happens (in most cases no surprises who the staff members were) we had GPS units that failed (the staff had wrapped the GPS antennas in aluminum foil so they wouldn’t work. They held a staff meeting and said to them that they were no interested in the past, but going forward they expected a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay. They did not want to be big brother, but they were aware that some people might have to change their  lifestyle because the FM system was being used to optimize their workload and it showed up anomalies. A small percentage of people resigned and the rest seem very happy with the benefits of their system.

It’s funny to me how often those that are the most aggrieved are the ones that are actually stealing from their employers as if it is their right.

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