Google Maps offers offline option when Internet is spotty – Washington Times

Google Maps is getting disconnected.

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It’s about time they did this, although it’s easy to understand why they don’t want you to be offline, because their fundamental aim is to sell location based advertising. I used HERE maps offline in Australia a month or so ago because I was worried about the data costs, but I did use the online real time traffic feature.

If Google do it really well, the vendors you are directed towards will be relevant to your interests and if you trust Google, they will know a lot about your interests and activiy.

For example they are going to advertise petrol prices, probably not near me, but in places where it is easy for them to access it, or where they can sell advertising deals to oil companies where regional prices are managed on central or cloud servers.

They will know when you last got petrol and how far you’ve driven on your tank (if you give them permission) and will therefore know when it is a good time to promote the nearest station (if you’re lucky, the one with the best deals). They will know if you are going to work, if you are going home, and are likely to offer you info about restaurants, shops, entertainment and more.

If they get it right and you aren’t too spooked about privacy risks and whether your information is truly anonymous (it doesn’t worry most people on social media), then this could end up being ubiquitous. Google will become your personal assistant, even on your iPhone.

Won’t that be interesting? How is Apple going to fight back. If the most useful app for some people is a Google app, would you consider tossing away your iPhone when it’s time to buy your next device and get an Android?

I’m thinking about it.

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