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Before writing my blog this morning, I thought I’d check what was trending in the USA, given that’s where most of my readers are and it surprised me. It might not surprise you.

The result draws me to one of two conclusions. One, we are really insular as people; or two, we are reaching overload of bad news and need some escapism.

Google Trends reflect the searches that had the highest volumes and these ones were collated about 5 hours before I wrote this blog. So here are the the top 10 searches this morning.

Why do I sometimes look at trends?

First because it lets me know what people are actually thinking about rather than what editors and journalists want us to think about.

Second, because as a blogger and writer if you want reads, then its a good idea to know what the largest group of people in your particular audience are thinking and talking about.

1. The Seahawks were beaten by the Cardinals despite being 19:0 up at one stage. That’s the top search for the USA.

2. Don Vito, the father of Jackass, reality TV star turned sex offender, died, aged 59.

3. Julian Edelman of the New England Patriots needs foot surgery and might not return this season.

4. Peyton Manning of the Kansas City Chiefs appears to have lost his greatness.

5. Like the Seahawks, the Philadelphia Eagles scored touchdowns on their first two opening plays…… and lost.

6. iCarly stars reunite at Nathan Kress’ wedding

7. Aaron Rodgers shows respect for Detroit Lions corner back Darius Slay during and after the game.

8. French jets bomb ISIS stronghold of Raqqa in Syria.

9.Miller and Langford lead the Chicago Bears to Victory.

10. Cleveland Browns coach can no longer justify tethering Johnny Manziel to the bench.

So there you have it folks, the top 10 Google searches in the USA. What do you think?

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