Digital radio, GPS upgrades improve Lee schools’ bus fleet – The News-Press

Lee schools’ upgraded to a digital radio and GPS system, improving communication and streamlining how the fleet is tracked.

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I look forward to the day when stories like this are no longer newsworthy, when every school bus, in fact every form of public transport is being tracked in real time.

Once again this is coming about because of demands from parents about the safety of their children.

It’s great to see Lee School employing people to monitor the information as well because so any projects involve investing in the technology, monitoring it for a short time and then forgetting about it until something goes wrong.

One of the common treads I hear about these systems not working is that some organizations, from schools to the Police Department don’t have the resources to manage them, that’s about as useful as having a security company sticker on the glass window of a bank, but no alarm system.It’s just hardware and software, without humans and processes, it’s nothing.

Such a large network of transport with so many students, means high turnover of drivers and also management of the runs in real time when a bus breaks down, a driver calls in sick, or when there are capacity problems.

It would be great if they maintain all driver information, licensing, maintenance and registration details on the vehicles, not just how they are being driven. It’s just data and GPS is the common denominator.

Nice to see added enhancements such as video for safety and security, better radio communications and proximity cards that don’t have to come out of students pockets and can also be used in the library and cafeteria.
Well done Lee County.

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