Police to put up huge fences at scenes of motorway crashes to stop rubberneckers causing traffic jams

The Government has purchased 3,000 screens to prevent curious motorists from staring at motorway accident scenes. The purchase of the two metre high screens cost £2.3 million.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.dailymail.co.uk

I love that they are doing this in the UK and that they believe it will save the economy 10’s of millions of pounds each year. Rubberneckers are a major problem in every country. I have seen and been stuck in so many incidents where there is a large pile up on the motorway or freeway, but with traffic management, traffic manages to flow past it pretty smoothly.

On the other side of the safety barrier or median strip there is extremely slow traffic, going through what is frequently known as a ripple, accordian or shock-wave effect where everything slows, starts, slows, starts for as long as there are people cleaning up the incident. The delays can go back for miles and cause massive journey delays and frustration.

I’ve often wondered if screens are the answer, so that people driving past simply can’t see a thing and therefore won’t bother to slow down.. I’ve also wondered what percentage of people would still slow down to try and see what is behind the screens.

Now I’ll get to find out as the UK Department for Transport implements this program. I’ll try to keep you posted.


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