Verizon Wireless: Travel Apps 11-28-15

Verizon Wireless: Travel Apps 11-28-15.

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This 3 minute video is worth a look, especially if you are in the US or in the air travel industry.

On Monday this week I got caught out a little where my security gate was exceptionally busy. I have the Air New Zealand app, which I really like. The Transportation Security Administration has a really cool feature in telling you how long the security delay is at your flight gate (as well as any flight delays). That’s something I haven’t seen before.

It also tells you important information about what you can take onto the plane. I heard a few calls last week saying “This flight is full and you can only check in one piece of luggage.” That might be the reason for the delays!

The catch for frequent flyers like me, where my app is also my boarding pass, I’m not going to use two flight apps, so it would be cool if the airlines could share the same data. It must be a Win Win.

GasBuddy looks cool. I still don’t get why, when global oil prices are at record lows, our New Zealand prices are still so high. For my US friends, if you see me tweet that gas is $1.81, that’s per liter, not per gallon! That’s around $5.27 a gallon and I’m tweeting it because that’s cheap here! Someone is making too much money.

GasBuddy also allows people to crowd source local prices. We need a GasBuddy here. I know a lot of people who would drive a little further for a fair price. Many of us tell our friends and the Automobile Association has weekly data, but that doesn’t help when I’m in my car with a quarter of a tank.

As for local accommodation apps, there are so many good ones around. My favorites are still WotIf for bookings and TripAdvisor for reviews.

What’s your favorite travel app?


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