209 drought maps show just how thirsty California has become

Just how bad is the California drought? Here is every map of the state released by the U.S. Drought Monitor since 2011.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.latimes.com

What amazes me is how quickly this has happened. Of course now we have an El Nino year which is likely to make things even worse.

What will happen? How are people going to react. Do you empty or fill your swimming pool? Will people be angry because you have a full swimming pool?

Will we start seeing water refugees? People who have to leave their homes and cities because basic things like having a shower or watering your lawn and garden are no longer possible? Will there be a growth in people having personal water tanks or desalination systems? There’s plenty of salt water, it just doesn’t taste very good.

Drought isn’t just affecting California of course, bu a great visualization of what is happening.  It is a timely example with the Climate Change Summit that just finished in Paris.

I understand politically that the USA weren’t able to make firm commitments to climate change, not why. I don’t understand name and shame and I don’t think it is necessary. I don’t think any of the countries who might have fingers pointed at them will care unless there is more, like trade restraints.

Places like California and Beijing are examples of what happens when we don’t take care of our planet. They don’t need the finger pointed at them, they are suffering enough. They need to do something about it, or they will become ghost cities.

Beijing has just announced its second Red Alert for air pollution http://bit.ly/1lZQaxN, Delhi is choking http://bit.ly/1MnT7Ng and people still seem to be in denial.

My worry isn’t so much for me but for my children and grandchildren. What are we giving them to inherit? A world where people have to wear gas masks and oxygen tanks to go outside? Hermetically sealed homes? Just as well we are developing virtual reality because at this rate going outside might not be a smart thing to do in the future.

When I think about the smarts that create all the wonderful technology we enjoy, it beats me why we can’t do basic things like not burning down forests and supporting sustainable energy.

Why isn’t our government making it cost effective for us to invest in solar power and to provide excess for a reasonable return, back into the grid?

What if we made a rule that politicians had to be under 50, have children and make them accountable for the future impact of their decisions. Give them long term bonuses 10 years out. If they have positively impacted on sustainability and they are still having a positive effect, you get paid your golden handcuffs 10 years later. What do you reckon?

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