Mapped: Where is air pollution killing the most people?

Air pollution breaches EU safety limits in several parts of the country – but where is it causing the most deaths?

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Did you know that more than 28,000 people die in the UK from air pollution? We see daily stories in the news from Beijing, but were you aware that the worst place in Europe is England?

Check out this map and story and see where the worst places in Great Britain are for air pollution.

When I wrote the book Buying a House Using Real Estate Apps, Maps and Location Based Services, I wrote about all sorts of things from crime maps, ethnicity, household income, commuting, finding the right street, schools and much more. You can find the eBook which is grossly under-priced at Amazon if you know anyone who is looking at buying a house at 

I never thought about air pollution maps when buying a house, but it looks like maybe this is one of the new things some people are going to have to consider. If you have children with asthmatic problems or other conditions, it may be another of the many things that you probably haven’t though if when house hunting. Maybe you should.

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