Volvo drivers can now have online shopping orders delivered to their cars

This year’s Christmas shopping just got easier for Volvo drivers in Gothenburg, Sweden. The carmaker has launched its In-car Delivery service, which allows users to order shopping online and have it delivered to their car while they are elsewhere.

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Volvo have been making a name for themselves as practical innovators, for example their V2V or vehicle to vehicle communications, warning other cars of an incident ahead; and this service is definitely a great example of think outside the box, or in this case the cube.

It may seem odd to have things delivered to your car, but maybe not. I had a classic situation last week. I came home to a note on my doorstep from a courier on Wednesday, saying they were unable to deliver a parcel as there was no one home.

I scanned the QR code on the note and asked them to deliver it again the next day. , Notably there was no contact phone number available. y wife then wrote a note on their note asking to leave the item and that we would take the risk of the leaving it with no signature.

Thursday there was a note on the door saying they had been unable to deliver a parcel as there was no one home.

On Saturday morning my wife went to pick the parcel up, but the queue was that long that she gave up, perhaps lots of Christmas items that couldn’t be delivered. She went back on Monday morning first thing and stood in a line that was 5 deep before they even opened the doors.

This would almost make me want to buy that Volvo. It would have been so much easier to just tick a box saying, you find my car and put the item in the trunk!.

Of course a service like this is only going to work if you have the right kit and in this case it would have to be a late model Volvo. However there is potential as more and more cars develop Internet of Things connections.

Did you know that other than running out of petrol one of the most common reasons breakdown services are called out is when people have locked their keys in the car? Very easy to do. A secure aftermarket app could easily be used to allow authorized people to access a car and I could think of plenty of different ways people would want to use it.

There could be a budding business opportunity here. I’d welcome your comments. Under what situations would you like someone else to be able to access your car? Here’s a couple of starters:

=Leave you car at the airport when you go away on a trip and have someone else pick it up.

=Car valet or mobile mechanic service to work on your car while you work at your job

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