Digital Attack Map

Digital Attack Map – DDoS attacks around the globe

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This is fascinating. I knew that security agencies had access to this sort of information, but I didn’t know the public could see information like this. This interactive map can allow you to see where the focus of DDos or Digital Denial of Service attacks is and in many cases which country they are originated from,

DDOSI was really surprised to see New Zealand getting more than it’s fair share of large and unusual attacks on Christmas Day. I can’t imagine why. This is a sample of current attacks on New Zealand locations.

If you are into this sort of thing, the site has a lot of functionality. Personally I find it all a bit scary when you consider how reliant we are on cloud based services.

I was looking at all sorts of cool gadgets when I was doing my Christmas shopping, all the different household appliances and other things that you can use the Internet of Things IoT to control. If you purchase devices which have cloud based services that come from a brand that is likely to be hacked or have enemies of some sort that might want to attack them, it could interfere with your service.

Say for example you had a cloud based home security system that let you lock doors, turn lights on and off, monitor video cameras, turn on your stove, manage your heat pump etc and you do this via cloud (meaning that it is all internet based, including the software to run everything), and your Internet Service Provider or the provider of thr software you use was attacked, you could find that your awesome service isn’t so much fun anymore.

Imagine if your accounting software, many of which today are all on the Internet where you don’t install any software in your local PC, stopped working. I’d certainly make sure I had a local back up!

Why would people bother? Where it’s political, that’s a no brainer, but in many cases I suspect it is for criminal purposes and the risk is that innocent people get caught in the crossfire. Key industries being attached are telecom’s, financial institutions and IT.

Think it’s all just hype? Click on the link and have a look for yourself and see what is happening on your doorstep.


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