Mapped: Terror threat around the world

See where around the world the Foreign Office believes a terror attack is most
likely to happen

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Have some of your friends started having holidays in more unusual places of late? South America has suddenly become a very popular holiday destination, as has New Zealand, where the numbers of people visiting, returning home to stay and new migrants grow at a steady pace. This last year over 3 million tourists have visited our little country.

If I was planning a vacation right now, I would certainly be a little selective about the location, but then the map doesn’t really tell the full story. For example it shows the full country of Australia at risk. It’s a big country and in my humble opinion the risk outside of the big cities is likely to be very low and there are plenty of places on my ‘to visit’ list that I suspect would not present a risk other than the short time flying into the country and getting out of the major cities.

Nevertheless, I’m happy to be home from my travels for the year and I think my next holiday could well be somewhere like an island in the Pacific, one I haven’t been to, like Samoa or Tonga. Anyway my next overseas holiday will be a long way off and as I look outside there isn’t a cloud in the sky, it’s around 25 degrees. Why would I want to travel anywhere?

If you are traveling I wish you safe journeys.


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