Google’s meetings with UK Government over driverless cars revealed

Internet giant has held five meetings with the Department for Transport in the
last two years, documents obtained by the Telegraph show

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I hope that in their discussions they are talking to industry experts trusted by the government who are not motivated by the success of this endeavor.

I’m very interested in the references to (not by) the insurance companies. In the USA they supposedly said that they would be very happy to cover the driverless cars.

Will they have the same considerations when cars start crashing in particular locations perhaps where mapping is out of date or weather or other conditions have changed the environment.

Will driverless cars automatically stop working if a component such as a turn indicator or brake light stops working?

What happens when teenagers or those who never grew up start trying to hack them or do stupid things in front of them to confuse their computers? Because they will.You were a teenager once, think about it.

It all seems so simple. They will reduce car ownership because they can be shared. After all, why own a car that is parked 95% of the time? There will be fewer accidents because driverless cars won’t make mistakes. Cool, my laptop never randomly reboots itself, loses data at exactly the critical time or does anything random, its not the computer, it was the programming, or perhaps a chip that was infected with electrostatic energy when it was being assembled or packed.

Don’t get me wrong, I love driverless cars and will embrace them when they are safe and reliable and they will reduce the number of incidents, when they reach sufficient critical mass and they can talk to each other. I just think, as per my experience as a futurist, that just as the Gartner Hype Curve shows, these things take a lot longer than the average politicians career to become commercial reality.

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