MAPPED: Shocking march of the far-right across Europe as migration fears reach fever pitch

FAR-RIGHT parties are on the march across Europe as the unprecedented migrant crisis gripping the continent fuels a surge in support for nationalist movements.

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I don’t have the answers and I don’t begrudge people wanting a safe country in which to shelter, raise, educate and feed a family. Like most Kiwis and Americans, I am an immigrant too.

I also understand the fear people have of losing their national identities and fear of people who appear to be different when they arrive on your back door, speaking different languages, having different religions and ideologies.

A backlash was totally predictable. We knew it was going to happen, I’m only surprised that people are surprised.

Many refugees naturally head for the countries and cities where they have family who have successfully settled. However there is a big difference between a small number of immigrants who arrive in a city and the swathe of humanity flooding into Europe today.

Many European citizens have been quietly complaining about foreign migrants for decades. Just talk to a native taxi driver in the European city of your choice. The myopic view of ‘let them come’ may have been inevitable given the situation, but I don’t understand communities that didn’t foresee a consequential rise of nationalism and a backlash when the reality hits home. It all happened so fast, the focus was on finding temporary shelter because that was pretty much all that time allowed. It is imperative that communities and politicians look to find solutions as quickly as possible; work out how to embrace their new citizens and find a way to make it work, because the alternative is unthinkable. I hope it’s not inevitable.

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