Say Goodbye To GPS! India’s All Set To Switch To The Desi Navigation System, IRNSS

Say Goodbye To GPS! India’s All Set To Switch To The Desi Navigation System, IRNSS |

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The big question to me was why, when there is already a Global Positioning System (GPS). It works pretty well in New Zealand right at the bottom of the planet and it wasn’t designed for us, so I don’t see that accuracy is likely to be a problem and I would struggle to see driverless cars work in India because of the masses of people traveling by other modes, which would not be digitally connected to a network.

Will this system solve problems of urban canyons? Does it need to?

My first thought was ‘this is about defense’. An ‘expert’ in the Business Standard was quoted as saying “No country can afford to depend on a foreign country’s constellations for navigation during war scenarios.”
“IRNSS will make Indian Armed Forces self-reliant. While advanced nations like US and Russia are having GPS and GLONASS, countries like China, European Union and Japan are trying to have their own full-fledged or partial constellations.”

How many satellites do we need?

Now about that special software code that needs to be installed in every mobile in order to be able to accurately use this navigation system. I’m no conspiracy theorist, but it is interesting that in the above article in the India Times there is talk about the benefits of making it global, but nothing about any military purpose.

If every Indian mobile phone has this special software code in it and IRNSS goes global, would they be able to track every mobile sold for the Indian market? How might that be useful?

There is no question that India has major issues with traffic congestion in major cities and there could be benefits in making better use of GPS to help manage those issues. I thought there was already sufficient technology to deal with that.


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