Location intelligence: it’s time to tap into the untold revenue we all generate as we move | Information Age

74% of consumers with smartphones now use location-based services: but some businesses are still not maximising the opportunites it presents.

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The irony is that we said this many years ago. I had a quick look back through my blogs and they go well back before this one from June 2009. https://luigicappel.wordpress.com/2009/06/09/proximity-based-marketing-and-trust/

Sometimes it feels like the loneliness of a long distance futurist. If marketers were a little bit smarter and paid a little more attention they could potentially ride the waves to unbelievable profit.

I look at my lone voice in the wilderness when Foursquare started its climb to heights it should have reached and think how big they could have been if they heeded my advice. Funny really, they were happy to have me as an Ambassador, but they didn’t want to listen to what an Ambassador had to say.

Now we have Swarm and they have brought back gamification and mayor-ships, but they still don’t seem to have understood some of the key reasons why people liked them in the first place and where the money still is, waiting for a smart enterprise to scoop it up. The irony is that most of the industry still hasn’t got it either yet.

Location based marketing has hardly even made it to the trough of disillusionment yet. But it will one day be a trillion dollar industry.

So yes, it is time that business gets their head around LBS and proximity based marketing, but many of them won’t get it, because they are even more old school than today’s marketers.

Why at the start of 2016 does the obvious still seem to be so hard to fathom? I listen to people talk about investing in startups and how if they had invested in Apple or Microsoft all those years ago, they would be rich.The point is they didn’t, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t obvious. Yes there was some serendipity involved, but the concepts were simple. That’s what made them so successful.

Then I think back to the predictions of the late Arthur Anderson in Chicago and Gartner all those years ago and wonder why people still aren’t investing in the obvious. It seems that as soon as a business model gets to a certain point, the shareholders and bean counters want to fall back on old business models, despite the evidence in the big data. BAU is only a short term business model.

You can keep bleeding a business until its dry and then blame a self fulfilling prophecy for its failure. Why not start innovating instead? It doesn’t have to be radical.

The starting point for Location Based Business is not the businesses themselves. They are too busy being busy and their shareholders are too busy squeezing stock turn and margin to even listen to their customers. In 5 years time I will probably still be saying the same thing. Its not rocket science and it will be so obvious once it happens.

Oh well it’s almost 2016. Maybe someone will wise up….

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