Volvo and Ericsson want to make life a stream in autonomous cars

Volvo’s recently unveiled Concept 26 is its vision for the autonomous car of the future. Its “Relax Mode” would allow occupants to watch video content while the car takes care of driving.

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It’s starting to feel a lot like a plane, but I’m starting to wonder, why would I own a car like this? I’d be more inclined to call an Uber if it had this functionality. It would probably be much cheaper than owning one.

If you enjoy driving, as I do, the last thing I want to do is sit in the driver’s seat and watch a movie. I’d probably end up with motion sickness, but I’m sure, just like in the plane, there will be a barf bag under the steering wheel as well:)

Next thing we could have Virtual Reality on the windows, so instead of seeing your normal commute, you could be looking at someone else’s in a different country, wouldn’t that be fun? Share the view with your friends.

I like the safety features that Volvo and others are introducing, but not so sure about this as a reason to buy their car.

Last question, if something suddenly goes wrong and the ‘driver’ is engrossed in a movie and is not sufficiently alert to re-take control from the computer, whose responsibility is it?

Will it be legal for a driverless car to be empty? Can I send it back home when I get to work, so the kids can use it? Will children underage and without a license be allowed to travel in it?

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