Proportional Map of the World’s Largest Languages

we had coWho here speaks Lahnda? Proportional Map of the World’s Largest Languages via @mental_floss

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I thought we had covered off this topic some time ago. I bogged about a Telegraph story at the end of December which provided an interactive map of the world where you can drill in and see how many languages are spoken in each country

This however adds some color to the picture and blows away  misconceptions for many of us, particularly in the English speaking world. English is certainly up there with a good slice of the pie, but it’s clear that the vast majority of the world doesn’t speak it, certainly not as their first language.

Kind of interesting when you hear the GOP candidates talk about how the USA is the greatest, mot powerful, most influential country in the world, yet most people in the world wouldn’t be able to understand the speeches if they heard them.

So despite this modern world where we have technologies, health, transport systems and much more in common, we are far from having a simple way of communicating globally without risking losing the intent in the conversation. I believe our Tower of Babel has a significant impact on tension and conflict in the world.

As an international business person in the past I have enjoyed significant success as a consequence of being at least to some degree multilingual, because studying many languages has also assisted me in understanding a little about their cultures.

Were there any surprises on this map for you? Have you even heard if every single one of these most popular languages? I haven’t heard of Marathi, but then only 71 million people speak it in India:)

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