Volvo promises ‘DEATHPROOF’ cars by 2020

The Swedish company, which has built its reputation on safety, says a world where nobody dies in car accidents is closer than most people think.

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Volvo has always had a great reputation for safety and while they include some obvious preconditions, like they can’t control stupidity of people on the road, like boy racers who deliberately try to confuse the car computers as seen in The Future Diaries at,

I’m sure they can reduce crashes caused by drivers in their own cars.

Claiming they can build one of the safest cars on the market is fair.

Statistics show that fatigue and driver distraction are significant causes for car accidents. Safety systems that slow down cruise control when cars are approaching in the other direction; and vibration of the steering wheel when the car veers out of its lane could be useful, but could also cause accidents, for example where old lane markings have been replaced, but under certain conditions, such as wet roads, are still visible together with the new ones.

-How about the driver who drove off the road onto railway tracks, because the GPS told him to? What if there was no driver?

-The GPS tells a driver to do a U-Turn, so he did.

-How about the driver who drove onto a pedestrian and cycle path. “The GPS made me do it.”

-Typing in the wrong address isn’t the GPS’ fault, but I doubt the new Volvo could have saved this woman.

-9 accidents allegedly caused by Google Maps

-Sat Nav blunders cause 300,000 crashes in Britain

-A man in Alaska drove his car into the harbor because the nav told him to.

-A guy in Oklahoma turned left off a bidge, following the GPS instructions and woke up in a woman’s house roof, to an angry woman with a broom

-They drove into the Susquehanna River because the GPS didn’t know the road ended.

I have more, but I think by now you have the picture. I hope the computers and data are smarter than some of the drivers. I heard a statistic they other day saying the most common cause of aircraft crashes is pilot error, I’m sure you can say the same about car accidents.

Some of the accidents above could have been avoided with proximity sensors, especially where there is an alert driver, but if the ‘driver’ in the Volvo is engrossed in the move which is designed to end exactly when she reaches her destination and the steering wheel starts vibrating while the movie climaxes, Volvo have made it pretty clear that they are not at fault if the real story ends in an unplanned way.

Do you have any stories on people who had a crash or unusual experience because of their GPS nav system?


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