Facebook soon to expand beyond its “like” button

It won’t be long before Facebook’s 1.6 billion users have more ways to quickly express their feelings on the world’s largest social network

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.cbsnews.com

This isn’t just good news for social media users who don’t want to use the Like button when their friend tells them they have cancer, or when something bad happens. I was wondering about the implications of the rumored Unlike button as well because it also falls into the ambiguous bucket pretty often.

It sounds like with 5 new emoticons, they have the problem solved and I wouldn’t be surprised if this doesn’t generate a flurry of activity, potentially created new peaks of Facebook users.

It almost creates a poll out of every post which screams for participation even if you aren’t asked to, although smart business or special interest users will ask.

The other thing this does is that it will have a big impact on edge rank because every time you use one of those emoticons to say angry, sad, wow etc, you are providing Facebook with rich information your views on whatever the topic is. This makes it much easier for them to recommend posts or topics to you, but more importantly, it makes it much easier for marketers to target people with boosted posts.

This is a win win, providing you understand that nothing you do is really private on social media, yes you can protect photos of your children and keep those available only to family and close friends (keeping in mind that nothing is truly private because anyone can copy and paste any image that sits on their internet device).

The service isn’t ready to be released yet, they want to iron out a few things, these are likely to be around the analytics and how they can provide reports and data for mining. Once that is out, watch for way more activity on your Facebook feed.

If you are paying for social media marketing, you are going to like this feature once it has been out for a month or so.

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