Google finally learns to talk like an Aussie

Slang words like ‘arvo’, ‘footy’ and ‘Maccas’ have been added to the search engine and Google Maps vocabulary.

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How does Siri work for you? I’ve been trying all sorts of things on my iPhones lately and even putting on a fake American accent doesn’t work as well as it used to. Multiple attempts to have it record memo’s, generate reminders and schedule tasks or calendar events seem to mostly result in my mobile phoning people that I didn’t have a desire to talk to. I wonder how many people, many of whom, I did not knowingly add into my contact lists have noticed missed calls from me, which I hung up on as soon as I realized my phone was calling them.

Maybe I need an Android or to start using a fake Aussie accent, or just rattle the dags in my phone to shake up the ‘roos in the top paddock. Fair suck of the sav Google, I’d like to see you do that for the Kiwi language bro. I wonder which of the two countries have the most difficult place names to pronounce. Which pronunciation would you pick? Try this for size:

Whangarei is equally wongaray, fungaray, or for an American Wangarye. I wonder who those would call in my phone book.

I have noted that lately my Google Maps has also been questioning whether I want to go to certain places like my Radiation and Oncology clinic, because it is closed. You can say GIGO, but most destinations probably aren’t aware that if they don’t tell Google what their hours are, it could cost them business.

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