Britain’s silliest place names

From Bottom Burn to Netherthong, a new map highlights the silliest towns and
villages in Britain

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This is something you just need to go and look at. There are 10 pages of maps with some of the silliest place names you have ever heard of and they are all real.

I used to think ‘only in America, but when it comes to place names , I think perhaps Britain takes the cake. Imagine coming back from a road trip and when people ask where you have been you list places like Bottom Burn, East Breast, Dickland, Shyte Brook, Thonglands, Loose Bottom, Brown Willy, Great Snoring, Frolic and Cockplay, the only redeeming factor would be that you didn’t have to say you live there.

It reminds me of the guy who owned the second hand shop in Eketahuna in New Zealand who had an outrigger sailboat air freighted from the Pacific Islands and when he inquired as to why it hadn’t been delivered, he was told that it had been sent back to the Islands because no such place existed. I can attest to the fact that it exists. I used to work with a colleague who was born there and I met and had coffee with the guy who bought the outrigger.

It has recently become famous because they are closing the only pub in town, which doesn’t leave much for anyone. On the other hand, for those who say that you can’t buy a house in New Zealand any more. There are houses in Eketahuna for sale for as little as $45,000. I’m not sure what you would do for a job, you might need to work on a farm or commute to Levin, but a 3 bedroom house for under US$30,000 or 20,000 British pounds wouldn’t be too bad to retire on a pension. Don’t take my word for it, check it out here

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