USDOT reports to US Congress on DSRC for connected vehicles

The US Department of Transportation has released its report to the United States Congress assessing the status of dedicated short-range communications for connected vehicle technologies. The findings are that they are ready for deployment.

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And we get closer and closer to connected cars. As I have blogged before, this is an offshoot of the development of driverless cars. As with the space program and military technology, the longer term futuristic concepts feed short term beneficial technologies. What this report essentially does is gives auto manufacturers the opportunity to start developing V2V communications technologies on a radio spectrum that they believe will generate minimal risk of interference. As a consequence, at the very last, cars manufactured for the US market will start featuring technologies such as communicating cruise control, proximity detection and alerts and event alerts, for example airbag deployment. The key to the success is that manufacturers agree on standards so we no longer have situations where only cars of a certain brand will ‘talk to each other’. There also remain security issues, as there is with the entire Internet of Things (IoT). Imagine being able to hack 10% of vehicles on a stretch of freeway…

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